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My name is Jo Turner and I am a Physiotherapist of more than 20 years and co-director of Courtyard Clinic in Gloucestershire. Most of my career has been spent in MSK with special interests in pain management and a movement-based approach to rehabilitation.
More recently, I have trained as a Life Coach. Bringing the most relevant parts of coaching back to my roots as a therapist enables me to support clinicians, and be a passionate advocate for positive change with a more compassionate culture in healthcare.

The culture in healthcare assumes you will give of yourself; not unreasonable given we are in caring professions unless this becomes your only way of operating. Giving to others without keeping an eye on how you are doing, cutting back on the good habits that keep you well, because the needs of others outrank your own. And maybe this doesn’t just happen at work.
People attracted to healthcare professions are generally kind, generous, and enthusiastic, but we often have very healthy inner critics with extremely high standards of what is ‘good enough’. We find it hard to admit that we need time-out to focus on ourselves.  And sometimes we stop even noticing.

There are rewards of course; making people happier, fitter, stronger, and that sense you are of service to society, that’s why we do this, right? But unchecked, the over-giving can impact your own happiness and ironically, the care you are able to give others.

I am not suggesting we all take to the sofa and accept ‘doing less’ as the only solution. As a Physiotherapist, I can see the cracks that need healing in our profession, the debates we need to engage in to break out of our ideological stalemates. And I know its not just Physiotherapy. The problem is that this requires courage, compassion for us and each other, and energy; things that we often have in very short supply.
I don’t believe we currently have the right systems in place to support those who would be the pioneers and the voices for change in our professions. How can you think about holding yourself accountable clinically, challenging others in brave and open debate about best practice, or even political activism and lobbying for change, when getting through your daily caseload takes everything you have?

Mehab is born partly out of anger. As a clinician of over twenty years, I am tired of seeing great people undervalued, and undervaluing themselves. I know its hard to create meaningful change, but we must start somewhere. I imagine a healthcare system where we are taught the importance of self-reflection and self-care at university, and that this is a regular ongoing requirement post-registration, ‘Continuous Personal Development’ essential for the job, not just ‘nice to have’.
I imagine a system where clinicians are supported with coaching, mentoring, and counselling services throughout their career, appropriate for their needs at any time.
Mehab is part of that vision, a platform dedicated to the health and well-being of clinicians and the health of our professions, you cannot have one without the other.

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