Behind The Clinical Mask: A journey home to ourselves


Do you remember the moment you put on a mask to fit in, feel safe or conform to get by at work? That moment when instead of being able to pour your enthusiasm into your work, you started to get caught up in getting it right, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you had to pack your real self away?

Masks can be our way of coping. They can also liberate parts of us to express who we really are.

Together, Joanne Elphinston and I are planning a very special mini-retreat. This is for everyone to recognise the masks you wear, what is really behind them, and whether there might be something else that will serve you better, just within reach.

And we are doing it all in a beautiful and consciously non-clinical location.

• Thursday 25th April, 4:00pm – Saturday 27th April, 4:00pm

• Hawkwood College, Painswick Stroud

• Reserve your place with a deposit of £100

For more information on course content please click here or alternatively, click below to book!

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