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We are delighted to be a strategic partner of Physio First

Physio First is committed to support and promote a community a community of quality private physiotherapists

Partnering with Physio First is part of my vision to see coaching, mentoring and training taking place at all levels in Physiotherapy.

If people running departments and organisations have experienced high quality support, being deeply listened to, encouraged and challenged, they will naturally offer that level of care to those working with them and for them.

I have always known there is a limit to the number of people or organisations I can coach personally, but I hold in my mind the image of a spiders web of support. A common language and way of being that means every physio can access what they need, appropriate to where they are in their career, and that in turn they will be a support and inspiration to others.


This partnership is one of the ways I can help to create that spiders web.

Benefits of Physio First membership include
• Access to skills exchange events run all over the country
• In Touch journal
• Support with HCPC audit
• Access to a quality assurance scheme to benchmark your practice
• An online store feature to access and sell products from your website

As a Physio First member you will receive a free coaching discovery call and 10% off any coaching sessions agreed on that call.

Join Physio First quoting this code RAPMEH01 and receive £20 off your subscription

I look forward to working more closely with Physio First and its members in the future, to help develop confident, curious and innovative clinicians who will take our profession forward.

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