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We will be developing courses and webinars on topics such as, managing overwhelm, quieting your inner critic and rediscovering what you loved about this job! If there is a particular issue or subject, you’d like us to investigate then send us your ideas. These materials are for you and must be relevant to what you need day-day as a busy therapist. We have some very exciting retreat ideas brewing, as well as developing a coach training course for Clinicians. Stay tuned for more on this. In the meantime, Jo offers 1:1 coaching as well as bespoke sessions for small groups. Book a free 30 min discovery call if this is something you’d like to discuss for yourself or your organisation.


Coaching is about looking at where you are right now, and where you’d ideally like to be in the future. It is very specific to you and it can be challenging. As therapists, we are often expert at seeing other people’s needs and blind spots, but not always our own. A good coach will encourage you to confront things that are keeping you back, hold you accountable for any changes you commit to, and be your greatest cheeleader when you find your way to that new career, home, family circumstance, whatever it is that is most important to you. If you would like to discuss coaching options, book a call and we can work out what you might need.


Our ‘Mehub’ community is a place to talk with other clinicians, share how you are feeling with people who probably feel the same, to raise questions and challenge ourselves to find solutions. If you are a clinician who is prepared to look at things a little differently, who can see a better way both for yourself and your colleagues, who is prepared to debate, with compassion in the pursuit of positive change in healthcare, please sign up to the Mehub community, come and join us.


You Matter is a podcast dedicated to you, the person behind the uniform. Join host Jo Turner, Physiotherapist and Coach, in conversations that reach to the heart of healthcare. Who are we? What do we see for the future of our professions and the wider culture of health? And how do we sustain ourselves on that journey? Click below if you’d like to listen!

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