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A good friend of mine has an interview tomorrow. On paper it’s a better job with more prospects and a higher wage than his current one. He told me he’s not sure if he wants it however. His reason?

“I need to watch my inner spaniel”

As the owner of an exuberant English Springer, I know exactly what he means. Invariably my dog’s eyes are wide, ears pricked, eager to please and always ready for action. His face says,

“What are we doing today? Walk in the woods? Yay!

Trip in the car, I LOVE trips in the car!

Jump off a cliff? Sounds like fun, when do we start?!”

I am a complete supporter of seeing an opportunity and going for it, I’m all for decisive action. But this shouldn’t discount the value of pausing, and asking yourself some questions,

“How much money is enough?”

“How much time do I want to spend with my family and how much do they want to spend with me (spot the parent of teens)”

“What do people value me for most? What do I love doing? And how much time will be spent doing those things which are in my ‘zone of genius.?”

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Once you are clear on what you want and need, what you can bring to the role and what it will provide for you, you can go for it. Let your inner spaniel run free!


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